Natural Pest Control Tips

Pest control is very much part and parcel of gardening. Some gardeners opt to hire pest control professionals, while others put that responsibility on their own hands. One common dilemma that gardeners face is to decide whether to use pesticide or use natural pest control methods.

Pros of Using Natural Methods

Here is a list of reasons for using natural methods and not pesticide.

Organic: growing your own fruits and vegetables? The one obvious benefit of natural pest control is being able to grow produce that’s safe to consume and free of dangerous chemicals.

Health: pesticide exposure, both acute and chronic, can be a major health concern. It could also be a health concern for pets that spend a lot of time in the backyard.

Environment: pesticide can be detrimental to the local ecosystem. It can also harm insects and animals that are harmless to the garden.

Cons of Using Natural Methods

Here is a list of disadvantages of using natural pest control.

Effectiveness: as a short-term solution, natural pest control methods don’t tend to be as effective as chemical pesticide. It may take some trial-and-error for gardeners to have some success with using natural pest control system.

Complexity: natural pest control is not as simple as getting a bottle of pesticide and spraying it on problematic areas. You may need to head to the store to grab a number of different items in order to create the pest control device.

Common Garden & Home Pests

Visit the links below for natural pest control tips specific to common garden pests.

Please share with us if you have any unique natural pest control tips for the above pests.

Natural Pest Control Example

Beneficial Insects

One example of natural pest control is a method called biological control. With this method, you are introducing the natural predator of common garden pests in order to keep the pest population in check. While a natural pest control system like this is complex and takes time to establish, the long-term consequences is hugely beneficial and sustainable.

The image below highlights some of the beneficial insects you might plan to introduce to the garden. Read our article on beneficial insects to learn more about biological control.