Does Peppermint Oil Help Repel Snakes?

Wild Snake

No, Peppermint oil does not repel snakes.

You can use peppermint as a natural repellent for various insects and small animals that are snake food, but it does not affect snakes. There are other essential oils such as cinnamon, cedarwood, and clove that may keep snakes away from your compound but with no guarantee. The reason they might work is due to them being active ingredients in many commercially-sold snake repellent products.

To make a repellent, we would recommend taking 30ml of cedarwood oil, adding 5ml cinnamon oil and 5ml clove oil. Stir to mix evenly. Add the mixture to 2 cups of water. Use the combination to spray around the house. Concentrate on dark areas where a snake can hide. Use porous surfaces like wood as it’s not effective on non-porous surfaces like metals.

The other natural products that repel snakes include garlic and onions. The sulfonic acid in there irritates the snakes the same way it irritates our eyes. Spray garlic and onion water on crawlspace entrances, windowsills, doorways, and the compound. The only demerit is that you will need plenty of the spray, and you need to reapply it every two weeks.

Plants like roses, lemongrass, and woodworms around the perimeter will repel snakes. Their modus operandi is not scientifically explained, but they are effective. Monitor the plants as they can spread rapidly. Finally, clear debris around the compound to deprive the snakes of a shelter and food source.