Peace Lilies Not Flowering – How to Make Flowers Bloom

If you are growing peace lilies, it’s most likely because you are wanting to see the beautiful white flowers that the plant produces. What happens if those flowers never appear though by the time it should start blooming? Here are the most common reasons for peace lilies that won’t flower.

Not Getting Enough Sunlight

Peace lilies are quite tolerant of low light conditions so it’s not always easy to tell if the plant is getting the right amount of sunlight. Peace lilies that don’t flower is usually an indication that the plant hasn’t been getting enough sunlight. These houseplants prefer indirect sunlight for an extended period of time. At least six to eight hours of sunlight to improve the chances of the peace lily flowering.

Lack of Fertilizer

Peace lilies may also not flower if the soil they are grown in doesn’t contain an adequate amount of nutrients and minerals. This can happen if the peace lily has been grown in the same container for a long time without the soil being repotted. Peace lilies may also develop yellow leaves if they aren’t getting enough nutrients. Any decent water-soluble houseplant fertilizer should work well with peace lilies. Phosphorus is one example of a nutrient that peace lilies need to prosper.

Excessive Rooting System

The peace lily plant might be struggling to get the nutrients, water, and oxygen it requires to bloom beautiful white flowers because the roots in the container have overgrown. A root ball, especially if it takes up the whole container space, can suffocate plants. In such cases, you will need to repot the peace lily and transplant it a container that’s about 1.5 times bigger than its previous pot.

Time of Year isn’t Right

One reason why people like to grow peace lilies is due to the fact that it may flower any time throughout the year. The “flowering” season, however, is likely to differ by location so it might not just be the right time of year for the peace lily flowers to bloom. If you think you’ve done everything as far as caring for the peace lily plant then it might just be patience that’s needed until the time is right for the white flowers to appear.


  • No flowers:

    I got my peace lily plant a few months ago but it hasn’t flowered yet. Anyone can share tips on making the plant flower?

  • Leslie:

    The reality is that the peace lily plant will flower when they want to. Just be patient!

  • Amateur Plant Gardener:

    I’ve had my plant for over one year and it looks very healthy. Unfortunately, the flowers just aren’t blossoming despite how healthy the leaves look. What else can I do to make the flowers appear? It’s so sad.

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