Peace Lily Leaves Drooping – Revive the Wilting Leaves

Peace lilies have lush green foliage just as magnificent as their beautiful white flowers so it can be quite a sad sight when the leaves start to droop and wilt. Drooping leaves can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which, if reversed, could help revive the plant if you take action at an early enough stage.

Signs of Watering Problem

Drooping leaves is typically a sign that you aren’t watering the peace lily plant correctly. Overwatering, for example, may suffocate the roots of the peace lily plant and may also encourage the development of plant diseases like root rot. Underwatering would prevent the plant leaves from holding a rigid structure due to the lack of moisture (hence the drooping effect). This issue can be easily resolved by making sure you water the plant only when the top layer starts to look dry.

Transplant Shock

Peace lily leaves can also droop if the plant starts to feel the effects of transplant shock. This refers to the stress the plant experiences after being re-potted. This can happen if the peace lily roots don’t establish their presence well enough in the new soil or if an extensive amount of roots gets damaged during the repotting process.

Too Much Sunlight

You read this right. Too much sunlight can sometimes be a bad thing for plants like peace lilies which are native to tropical environments. Too much direct sunlight may not just cause leaves to droop but also cause discoloration issues. It’s not uncommon to see peace lily leaves turn yellow in some cases. This issue can be easily resolved by moving the peace lily to an area of the house that gets a decent amount of indirect (not direct) sunlight.

Can Drooping Peace Lily Leaves be Saved?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be able to save a peace lily plant especially if a lot of the leaves are already at a wilted state. We strongly recommend to look at the common issues highlighted above and take action as soon as possible to put the peace lily plant in an environment where it can thrive. You may want to prune any leaves that are beyond saving so that any energy the plant produces is guided towards the ‘healthy’ leaves.


  • James:

    My peace lilies continue to droop despite all the changes I made to the plant watering frequency and schedule. Is there no hope but to transplant it to a new soil mix?

  • Flower Girl:

    The leaves of my peace lilies are wilting after I had it repotted recently. will it revive itself eventually or should I take any steps to keep my plant safe??

  • Raska:

    My peace lily has a tendency to droop when summer comes. I am out of the house all day so can’t really tell why the leaves are drooping. Is it because it’s getting more sunlight?

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