Keeping cats away from your peace lilies

Cats are known for asshole behaviors, one of which is destroying and eating all the houseplants you have at home, including the peace lily. It’s very important to keep your cats away from peace lilies because these plants are mildly toxic to animals. Here are some methods that may help with deterring your cats.

Get a planter or container cover

The easiest way to keep cats away from your peace lilies is by setting up a physical barrier. Setting up garden netting around the plant could work but it won’t be as effective as setting up a planter cover. This will only work if you are growing small-to-medium sized peace lily varieties. Those who are growing larger kinds like the Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’ will need to seek out a different solution to keep the cats away from the plant.

Redirect the cat’s attention

Redirect the cat’s attention away from the peace lilies. An excellent distraction is cat grass. It’s a grass mixture that’s grown from seeds like barley and wheat. Grow them near the peace lilies and let the cats chomp away at the grass instead.

Deter cats with tin foil

This doesn’t work for every cat but it’s worth a shot, especially if you already have some tin foil at home. For whatever reason, some cats simply hate the feel, look, and sound of foil. Scrunch up some foil and place the balls around the peace lily pot. Make sure it’s in clear view so the cat knows not to approach the plant container.

Grow them from hanging pots

Again, this will only work for the smaller varieties of peace lilies but the cats won’t be able to reach the plant if it’s set at a high-enough level (unless you happen to have a super acrobatic cat of course).

Sprinkle the soil with cayenne pepper

This method is a hit-or-miss but worth a shot if you have some cayenne pepper powder at home. Most cats don’t like the scent of hot pepper so sprinkling some on the soil may help keep the cats away from the peace lily plant.


  • Furballz:

    OMG you are a lifesaver! The foil method somehow worked. My cat got freaked out as soon it approached the container and felt the foil ball. Thank you so much.

  • Riley:

    These methods didn’t work for me 🙁 Anyone have any other successful methods to share? My cat is claiming all the plants as his!!

  • Sam:

    I’ve had some luck making some natural citrus spray using leftover lemons and oranges. Applied the spray on the container while the cat was nearby. He hasn’t approached since…

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