How to Grow Peace Lilies in Water (Easy Method)

Peace lilies are one of several houseplants that can be grown in water with the right method. There are certain benefits to growing peace lilies in water, such as not having to worry about getting the right amount of watering when the plant is grown in soil. The first step to growing peace lilies in water is finding one that would be adapted to such conditions.

Finding a Peace Lily Adapted to Water Base

For a peace lily to survive in water, its root system needs to have developed many tiny roots (as opposed to several large roots). For those who are new to gardening, you are likely to have more success buying a plant that’s already adapted to a water environment as opposed to something that isn’t. Before you buy one, keep in mind that peace lilies grown in water tend to have a shorter lifespan than those grown in soil.

Using Distilled Water as Base

Once you have found your plant, it’s time to find a suitable container to place the peace lily in. As part of this step, it’s important to fill the container with distilled water instead of tap water. Peace lilies may die off quickly if they are placed in tap water, especially if you live in an area that’s known for having hard tap water.

Maintaining the Peace Lily

Once you have submerged the peace lily plant into the container filled with water, it’s all about maintaining a suitable growth environment for the plant. It’s important to add liquid water fertilizer to the water base once every two weeks so that the plant is able to absorb essential nutrients. You should also replace the water in the container once every two weeks.

If all goes well, you could expect the peace lily to live up to a year when grown in water. This is much shorter than the average lifespan of three to five year for peace lilies grown in soil but some may prefer this method if they want to worry less about issues regarding watering and pests.


  • Newbie:

    Does it really make a difference whether I grow the peace lily in distilled or tap water? Seems like too much effort for me to find distilled water!

  • Gardener Love:

    Has anyone tried re-potting their peace lilies from a water to soil base? Does that help with the plant’s longevity?


    HELP!!! My peace lily is dying. I recently changed the water but it’s the same water the plant has always been grown in. I am losing my mind as to why the leaves are drooping. Nothing else changed either.

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