Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants

The most effective way to deal with pavement ants is prevention. Practicing good hygiene and sanitation, cleaning up food and drink spillages quickly, making sure all food is sealed in airtight containers and stored in places where ants will not reach.

When an ant problem is already established, it’s vital first to understand what’s causing the issue and where the ants are getting the food. Once this information is obtained and the food source is removed or properly stored away, it’s necessary to search and find the nest and its entrances.

Once all the entrances have been found, the most effective natural way to get rid of ants is with boiling water. Slowly and carefully pouring enough boiling water in every nest entrance will ensure the destruction of that nest, its ants and make the entrance no longer usable.

After destroying a nest, inspecting the property periodically for new ant trails will inform if the extermination has been successful. If an ant trail or line is found, following it until it reaches the nest is the best way to eliminate any remaining pavement ants.