Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

23 Simple DIY Tips for Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

These tips will encourage more of the local wildlife to visit your backyard. Find out why it’s beneficial to attract certain animals.

5 Effective Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Ants

Use these simple home remedies to get rid of ants naturally. Includes ants like sugar ants, black ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants.

5 Animals that Have an Unusual Seed Dispersal Role

Learn about five animals that play an unusual role in seed dispersal. Animal defecation in the ecosystem is more important than you think.

6 Ways to Instantly Get Rid of Gnats & Fruit Flies at Home

Learn how to get rid of pesky gnats at home and in the garden.

4 Great Gardening Benefits for People with Alzheimer’s

Gardening is known for having a number of therapeutic and physical benefits.Learn how such benefits could apply for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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