6 Easy-to-Grow Plants that Repel Fleas & Ticks (Safe for Pets)

Create a natural pest barrier around your outdoor garden and yard by growing these six flea and tick-repelling plants.

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Indoor Plants that Are Safe for Cats to Chew & Eat

It’s safe to grow the following list of indoor plants if you have a cat at home.

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50+ Household Plants & Flowers that are Poisonous to Cats

Cat owners should keep the following list of plants away from their home, garden, and yard.

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7 Beautiful Cold-Tolerant Flowers that Bloom in Winter

You don’t have to wait till spring and summer to see beautiful flowers. The following list of cold-tolerant plants may bloom throughout winter.

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11 White Perennial Flowers that Bloom All Summer Long

Here’s a list of white perennial flowers that bloom all summer long. Add these beautiful flowers to the garden mix today.

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4 Things Besides Food that Are Attracting Ants to Your Home

See a trail of marching ants in your home? Check out our list to identify four things that could be attracting the ants inside.

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4 Things that Attract Slugs & Snails to Your Yard

Get rid of these four things to minimize the number of slugs and snail that visit your yard.

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4 Simple Tricks to Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden

Here are four simple steps to encourage more ladybugs to visit your garden. Ladybugs are one of many great beneficial insects to have in your yard.

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6 Non-Food Items that Attract Cockroaches to Your Home

Check for these six non-food items if you have a chronic roach problem at home.

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4 Simple Tricks to Attract Fireflies & Lightning Bugs to Your Yard

Want to have nature’s very own light show in your backyard? Try these simple tricks to attract fireflies to your backyard.

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