Can Fleas Survive the Washing and Dryer Machine?

Dealing with a flea infestation at home? Find out if the fleas (that have latched onto your laundry) are able to survive a trip to the washing machine.

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Head Scalp
7 Remedies to Increase Blood Circulation to Scalp & Hair

There’s no magic wand to help your hair grow faster, but there are remedies you can use to help improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Fly Swatter
Best Electric Fly Swatters for Getting Rid of Stray Bugs

Send flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects to their doom with these electric fly swatters. Learn how to distinguish the good ones.

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How to Get Rid of Smelly Shoes Quickly Using Home Remedies

Do you have a case of smelly shoes at home? Learn how to get rid of the stench quickly using these simple home remedies.

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How to Quickly Get Rid of Bad Smell From the Fridge

Do you have a lot of bad or rotten smell coming from the fridge? Try these remedies to eliminate the fridge odor quickly.

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Apple Cider Vinegar – Household & Pest Control Benefits

A common household ingredient like apple cider vinegar can play a simple role in helping you maintain a natural DIY lifestyle at home.

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Essential Oil
Essential Oils – Pest Control Benefits & Usage Tips

Essential oil could be used to repel common pests without resorting to harsh chemicals. Find out more on the benefits and usage of essential oils.

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How to Scare and Keep Hawks Away from Your Backyard

Do you have hawks preying on your chicken or other small animals in the yard? Learn how to keep these predatory birds away.

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How to Fix a Gardenia Plant that’s Starting to Get Yellow Leaves

Are the leaves on the gardenia plant suddenly turning yellow? Learn what causes this condition to form and ways to fix it.

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Bed Bug
Best Portable Bed Bug Heaters and Heating Chambers

Heat is an effective ways of dealing with bed bugs and their eggs. Learn about our top bed bug heater choices and their pros and cons.

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