Insects Light
Are Fruit Flies Attracted to Light?

Find out if using a bright light is a great way to attract and eliminate fruit flies.

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House Flies
Do Fruit Flies Bite Humans?

Find out if fruit flies are known to bite humans.

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Garden Ants
Why Ants Aren’t Bad for Your Garden

Think twice before you try to start killing the ants in the garden. Here are some reasons why it’s good to have ants in the yard.

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Remedies for Tiny Ants Around the Kitchen Sink

Learn the only ways to get rid of tiny ants around the kitchen sink.

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Gnat Control
Most Common Places in the House Where Gnats Lay Eggs

Find out the most common places where gnats lay their eggs.

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Mosquito Bits Fungus Gnats
Use Mosquito Bits to Eliminate Fungus Gnats Larvae

Mosquito bits are an effective way to get rid of fungus gnat larvae. Here are the best ways to apply it to the houseplant soil.

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Hummingbird Feeder
Best Ways to Keep Ants off Hummingbird Feeders

Say no more to the ants that keep invading the hummingbird feeders for the tasty nectar and bird treats.

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Bed Bug
Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Your Clothing?

Find out if it’s possible for bed bugs to bite through your clothes.

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Mosquitoes – Identification, Types, and Interesting Facts

Learn interesting facts about mosquitoes and the most common mosquito species you are likely to come across at home.

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Ticks – How to Identify and Interesting Facts

Learn interesting facts about ticks and the best ways to identify these pests.

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