Pea Plant
What’s Eating Your Pea Plants

Find out which pests and rodents could be eating your pea plants overnight. Learn how to keep these pests away from your pea plants.

Why Your Beets Aren’t Growing or Growing Too Slowly

Have you been trying to grow beets but with little success? Here are the most common reasons why your beets aren’t growing.

What’s Eating Your Beet Plant Leaves

Is an unknown culprit eating your leaves of your beet plant? Find out who and how to stop them from chomping at the beet greens.

White Bugs
How to Get Rid of White Bugs (Aphids, Whiteflies, Mites) on Basil Plants

Do you see suspicious white specks on the leaves of your basil plant? Learn how to get rid of the most common pests that appear on basil leaves.

Basil Plant
My Basil Plant is Dying – What to Do

Is your basil plant unfortunately showing signs of dying with wilting leaves and stem? Here are the steps we would take to revive your houseplant.

Basil Plant
What’s Eating Your Basil Plant Leaves

Here is a list of the most common pests that are known for eating basil plant leaves and other common garden herbs.

Aloe Plant
Black Spots & Holes on Your Aloe Vera Plant – What to Do

Are there black spots and holes on your aloe vera plant? Find out what this means and ways you can help your houseplant.

Aloe Plant
Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Turning Red & Brown – What to Do

Are the leaves of your aloe vera plant starting to turn a shade of red? Here are the most common reasons for the change in appearance.

Basil Plant
Basil Plant Leaves & Stem Turning Black – What to Do

Are the leaves and stems of your basil plant turning black? Find out the most common reasons and ways to save your basil plant.

Gnat Control
How to Quickly Get Rid of Fruit Flies on Aloe Plants

Are your aloe plants infested with a swarm of fruit flies? Here are the quickest ways to get rid of fruit flies on aloe plants.