3 Important Tips on Storing Outdoor Cushions for Winter

Outdoor Furniture

With the cold weather starting to creep in, it’s time to store your outdoor cushions and protect them against the winter elements. Here are three tips on storing cushions for winter.

1. Find a Suitable Storage Location
Storage space can be hard to come by for outdoor patio cushions. We recommend you maximize your limited house space by getting a storage unit such as the Keter Westwood Container Box. These containers are durable and made of weather-resistant materials.

In addition to being weather-resistant, you will also need a storage container that’s well ventilated. Poorly-ventilated containers may cause the development of mold and mildew.

2. Wash the Outdoor Cushions
Make sure you give the outdoor cushions a good wash before they are stored for the winter. You can use household goods like dish detergent to get rid of the stains on the cushions.

Once the cushions are scrubbed, you can rinse the soap off with a high-powered garden hose. Make sure the cushions are fully dried out before they are placed in a storage unit.

3. Protect Cushions from Rodents
A good storage unit will protect your cushions and other outdoor belongings from rodents. In any case, you should still take some rodent-proof measures to prevent your pillows from becoming a winter home for rats and other rodents.

You can do so by either setting traps in the vicinity of the cushion storage space or by wrapping your outdoor cushions in thick materials (e.g. old towel) for additional protection.