Neem Oil Insecticide – Protection Against Pests for Garden Plants

Neem Leaves

If you have plants in your garden then you know how difficult it is to get rid of pests without harming your plants. A lot of the chemical pesticides end up harming your plants and also can be toxic to people or pets. One natural pesticide that you may want to try is neem oil and it can protect against the most common outdoor pests without harming your plant.

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is actually the oil that comes from the neem tree, which is a tropical tree you might know by the name Indian lilac. This tree is found in India and many other areas of Southeast Asia. Neem oil is found in the seeds from this tree and is something that is used both in gardens and as a home remedy for various medical conditions.

There are many nutrients found in neem such as vitamin E, calcium, antioxidants, triglycerides, limonoids, and it has a high fatty acid content. These ingredients are what makes neem oil so great to be used as a health and beauty product.

Neem Oil as a ‘Natural’ Pesticide

Neem oil can be used in the garden to provide protection against common outdoor pests such as mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, and scale. This product can repel the bad pests from destroying your plants but it won’t negatively impact the good bugs that plants need to thrive.

It will not harm lady beetles or bees since these creatures don’t actually eat the leaves of your plants. These are the two bugs that you don’t want to harm since they are beneficial to your garden and plants overall. With this product, you’ll notice it will target those bad bugs that cause rot and disease on your plants.

Neem oil targets those harmful pests that try to eat the leaves of your plants and only pests that ingest the leaves of the plants. Spray neem oil on your plants and once the harmful pests have ingested the leaves, they will end up dying. Neem oil also works as a repellent since it has a very strong smell that most insects and pests don’t like.

So not only will neem oil kill any pests that have ingested plant material with the oil sprayed onto it, the strong odor of the oil will repel other insects and bugs before they can destroy the plant. It will work quickly to eliminate any pests that have invaded the plant as well, so it won’t take many applications to see the neem oil working as it should.

Our Top Neem Oil Pick

Using Neem Oil to Repel Garden Pests

Organic Neem Bliss is our top pick for the best neem oil product to use as a natural pesticide and it’s a completely organic neem oil. This product is listed in the OMRI and used commonly for organic gardening. Organic Neem Bliss only has one ingredient, which is the neem oil and it’s cold-pressed for the highest quality possible.

One of the biggest benefits of Organic Neem Bliss is that it can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants since it’s completely free of any chemicals. It is also biodegradable which is a great thing if you are worried about the environment. It’s safe to handle although you don’t want to try to apply this neem oil directly onto your skin as it’s very concentrated.

Another huge benefit of this particular product is that it has Azadirachtin as the only ingredient, which is what you want if you are looking for an effective neem oil product. With this product, you’ll find that the pests steer clear of your plants and those already on your plants will die within hours. Just within a matter of days, you’ll notice your plants look healthier and also are no longer infected with bugs.

There are some cons to the Organic Neem Bliss that you should be aware of if you plan on using it. You will need to use soap in order to correctly combine the neem oil and water mixture into your sprayer, and most people don’t know this. This product is just the concentrated neem oil, so you will need to use a soap before you add water to it in order to make it effective.

Another issue people have with it is that it’s a very strong odor, which smells to some people like death. This odor goes away after a short period of time but it’s off-putting at first. Lastly, people do complain about this product being chunky, but small chunks in the liquid can be removed by letting the product heat up a bit before you begin mixing it. This can be done by letting it sit outside in direct sunlight for an hour or less, and most of the chunks will disappear on their own.

How to Apply Neem Oil to Plants

Applying neem oil to plants is very simple and requires little in terms of preparation. Use 2 tablespoons of neem oil and 1 gallon of water to create your neem oil spray. You want to mix this up very well before you begin spraying it on your plants. Begin spraying your plants until they are thoroughly wet from the neem oil spray, and make sure you get the underside area of the leaves as well. It’s advised that you purchase a garden sprayer if you want to use neem oil as a natural pesticide if you don’t own one already.

If you are using neem oil to try to get rid of a disease or pest that has already infected your plants, you should be applying the neem oil spray every 7 days. Using neem oil spray as a preventative measure only requires that you spray every 14 days.

You could spray every 7 days as a preventative measure, but most of the time sticking to every 14 days will work just fine. This product is great to use because it’s not going to take a lot of time or hassle to apply the neem oil to keep those pests out of your garden.

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