Neem Oil Has Mixed Results Against Bed Bugs

Neem Leaves

Yes, it does, but only to an extent. Neem oil was approved for usage in repellants and insecticides after some studies proving its effectiveness. Though it can be bought by itself and mixed in with other solutions to dilute it and make a spray, it might not be the best idea to combat bed bugs.

Neem oil will kill bed bugs, but only on contact. These bugs are tiny and will often be hiding inside cracks or hard to reach places even when using a spray, which means that directly hitting a large enough quantity of bed bugs to make a difference is quite difficult or even near impossible.

Another big drawback, it might not seem like one at first, is its use as a repellant. Bed bugs really like to nest in beds, but they will move to other areas when required. Containing an infestation on a mattress is difficult but not very much. However, if you repel them from it, they will spread out throughout the entire house and make it near impossible to deter or get rid of them entirely short of fumigation, so it’s best to avoid using it.