What Vitamins Can Keep Mosquitoes Away?


People talk about vitamin B1’s ability to repel mosquitos, but this has never been proven. Recently, some scientists in New Mexico State conducted an experiment to test the rumor.

With the help of volunteers, the scientists used different substances to observe the reaction from mosquitoes. The first substance was DEET- it contains N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide. DEET repelled a high number of mosquitos.

Other methods that had positive results had a smell close to that of menthol. They included mint, lemon eucalyptus, and p-menthane-3-8-diol.

They used two approaches with vitamin B1. The first was a B-1 patch; it did not repel any mosquitos. They also gave an overdose of vitamin B1 supplements to batches of volunteers. The methods bore inconsistent results. The conclusion was that vitamin B1 and its patches and supplements do not repel mosquitos.

This rumor is likely peddled by manufacturers who want to sell mosquito repellent pills. Vitamin B1 has its uses, but it is not a mosquito repellent and won’t work to keep these insects away.