Best Mosquito Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Use


Are you struggling to deal with the large swarm of mosquitoes that plague your home every day? Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are certain mosquito traps that can help keep these annoying pests at bay.

Best Indoor Mosquito Traps

The reality is that you will always have mosquitoes come into your home, especially if you live near bodies of water. Here are some indoor mosquito traps we recommend for home use.

Katchy Indoor Mosquito Trap

This stylish UV-light trap will lure all types of flying insects (including gnats, mosquitoes, and moths) all year long. This device is a must-have for households with pets or small children (uses non-toxic method to catch mosquitoes).

The mosquitoes are first attracted to the trap via the UV-light before the airflow from the in-built fan sucks them into the sticky glue board. You will need to replace the glue board every once in a while. For best results, turn on the trap at night and place it in a dark corner of the room.

Trapro Yellow Sticky Trap

You could also try placing these sticky traps around the house to catch the elusive mosquitoes. The traps are made using non-toxic materials, and are yellow due to the effects of phototaxis (many pests are attracted to bright yellow colors).

Best Outdoor Mosquito Traps

Outdoor mosquitoes are a whole different story as you are dealing with an open space. Here are some traps that may help keep the mosquitoes away while you spend time in the yard.

Flowtron Electric Mosquito Killer

This outdoor mosquito trap is great for eliminating mosquitoes in large outdoor spaces. It should not be used in the vicinity of human activity. For example, do not attach this trap to the patio, deck, or other parts of the house.

The reason for this is due to the sheer volume of insects this electric trap will attract. As one customer stated, they could feel “millions of tiny voices cry out in horror” after they put this mosquito trap into action.

Mosquito Magnet CO2 Trap

While costly, these traps are a great way to control outdoor mosquito invasions. Instead of light, these devices use carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture to attract and trap the mosquitoes. One Mosquito Magnet has a coverage of up to 1 acre.

What is the Best Mosquito Trap?

This will depend on a number of factors such as how bad the mosquito problem is and the area where you are experiencing the most mosquito bites.

Coverage: if you are dealing with a mosquito infestation across a widespread area then you will want to get a mosquito trap that offers a larger coverage zone.

For small areas, such as a room in the house, all you may really need is a UV light trap to catch the one or two stray mosquitoes that enter your house at night.

Safety: this is an important element for households with small children or pets. There are certain mosquito traps that may contain dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Ideally, you want to stay away from these mosquito traps and go for the safer, non-toxic alternatives.

Duration: how often do you experience mosquito problems at home? Is it a one-off seasonal issue or do you get mosquito bites all-year-round? Some mosquito traps are designed for constant use, while others, such as the sticky trap, are designed for one-time use.

Do Zappers Kill Mosquitoes?

Yes, bug zappers are very effective at killing mosquitoes but you may need to experiment with a few things to put it to good use. For example, if you are using a bug zapper that utilizes light to attract the mosquitoes then you may need to experiment with different locations to be able to effectively lure the mosquitoes inside the trap.

Some zappers are much simpler in design. You may have come across one that has a design of a tennis racket. The racket zappers are great for people who only have to deal with one or two stray mosquitoes that enter their homes.

Why are there so many Mosquitoes in my House?

Setting up mosquito traps is one thing, preventing more mosquitoes in the future is another issue one has to tackle. There are many reasons that may cause a lot of mosquitoes to appear in your house, some of which are unfortunately not within your control.

Standing Water: examine your house and eliminate all sources of standing water, which mosquitoes require to breed. Outdoor buckets and containers are common breeding locations for mosquitoes. Flip them over or store them when they are not in use.

House Opening: there are too many openings around your house where mosquitoes can enter. This can include window and door gaps, as well as air vents and chimneys. If possible, set up window screens and weather-stripping to prevent pests from coming inside.

Bright Light: observe your house from the outside at night and compare how bright it is compared to other houses in the neighborhood. Mosquitoes among other flying insects are attracted to light. Toning down the brightness of your house may help attract less mosquitoes.

How Long do Mosquitoes Live inside the House?

Adult mosquitoes have a lifespan between a week to a month (female mosquitoes survive a lot longer than their male counterpart). If you continue to see mosquitoes in the house after a few weeks of setting up a mosquito trap then you may want to start looking at prevention tips and identify where the pests are coming from.