Do Mosquito Hawks Eat Insects Like Mosquitoes?

Crane Flies

Mosquito Hawks, also known as Crane Flies, don’t eat other mosquitoes. In fact, they aren’t even mosquitoes themselves, despite the popular name, as crane flies are a separate species of insect entirely. And most adult crane flies won’t even feed at all during their adult life. So what’s with the common misconception?

Having some crane flies around can lower the mosquitoes’ population, but not because they eat them, but because crane fly larvae will feed in anything, including mosquito larvae if they are nearby.

Crane flies, much like the mosquitoes, like depositing their eggs into damp soil near plants. These are rich in nutrients for the larvae to grow, containing several decomposing plant matter and other things that they will eat. But when crane flies deposit the eggs close to the mosquitoes, they will eat the mosquito larvae for additional nutrition.

Crane flies have a very short lifespan of a few days, and they eat a life worth of food already during their larvae stage, meaning most adult crane flies don’t even have to feed on anything to survive. So even if they could hunt other mosquitoes, they definitely don’t need to.