Can Mosquito Bits Eliminate Fungus Gnats?

Mosquito Bits Fungus Gnats

If you have been looking for a solution to eliminate the heavy infestation of fungus gnats in your houseplants then you more than likely came across a product called Mosquito Bits. The intended purpose of Mosquito Bits is to help eliminate mosquitoes via biological control methods. Mosquito Bits consist of corn cob granules that are coated with a natural bacterium called Bti.

The good news is that the bacterium in Mosquito Bits may also help eliminate the fungus gnats that are infesting your houseplants. Bti works by disrupting the stomaching lining of insects like mosquitoes and fungus gnats. The larvae of these insects will eat the Bti in the soil and die before they get a chance to turn into the flying pests that we all fear.

We believe using Mosquito Bits is worth a shot. Generally-speaking, the best way to eliminate fungus gnats is by replacing the potting media with something that drains well and isn’t likely to get over-saturated. This might not always be possible, especially for people who grow plants in medium to large-sized pots. One of the most effective ways of using Mosquito Bits to kill fungus gnats is by first soaking the granules in a container of water. Let the mixture sit overnight and use the resulting solution to water your plants moving forward.