Use Mosquito Bits to Eliminate Fungus Gnats Larvae

Mosquito Bits Fungus Gnats

Pest control products like Mosquito Bits aren’t just effective for getting rid of mosquitoes. They are also effective for getting rid of fungus gnats. Most people think their job ends after the adult flies are killed. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. You need to deal with the full life cycle and get rid of the gnat eggs and larvae as well.

The intended purpose of Mosquito Bits is to help eliminate mosquitoes via biological control methods. Mosquito Bits consist of corn cob granules that are coated with a natural bacterium called Bti. This works by disrupting the stomaching lining of insects like mosquitoes and fungus gnats.

The larvae of the fungus gnats will eat the Bti bacteria in the soil and die before they get a chance to turn into adult flies. Using this gnat control method can be quite effective if the gnat infestation is spread across multiple houseplants. One way to use Mosquito Bits is to have them dissolve in a bucket of water overnight, then to apply the treated water on the infested soil.

Generally speaking, you should start to see results after about 24 hours. Re-apply the treated water once every week until the fungus gnat infestation fully disappears.