Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Bright Light?

Bright Light

Mosquitoes aren’t necessarily attracted to light. They use it to navigate the environment, as sunlight will dehydrate and kill them, making them mostly nocturnal insects. Artificial light confuses mosquitoes and makes them hit it over and over as they try to find the path to their prey.

Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide, heat, sweat, and body odor. Since mosquitoes aren’t attracted to light, it’s ineffective to try to trap or zap them using light as a lure. The best mosquito traps emit carbon dioxide to lure them in.

There’s a myth that yellow and red lights will repel mosquitoes. They help, but they will not solve the problem. What these colored lights do is reduce the range of mosquitoes and bugs that may be attracted to your light or use it for navigation. This doesn’t mean that they repel bugs, only that they are not used as an orientation point.

Another myth is that your clothing color may affect how often you get bitten, which is partially true. Darker colors, especially black, will absorb light and generate more heat, making the one wearing it more attractive to mosquitoes.