Are Moles Bad for Your Yard and Garden?


No, moles aren’t necessarily bad for your yard.

Moles are believed to be pests that build molehills, which can harm plant roots and eventually damage them. However, moles are delicate animals that improve the soil by eating insects and pests and often get blamed for damage they have zero knowledge of.

The only damage caused by moles is that they create molehills which a gardener can easily deal with by pressing back the soil using water and their foot.

Overall, moles are beneficial to a yard in that they aerate the soil through the tunnels they dig, they eat grubs which are harmful because they eat grass roots, and they also eat beetles which love feeding on your plants and destroy rose blossoms.

We blame moles for destroying root ornaments and bulbs but the real culprits are mice, chipmunks, and voles. A yard or lawn recovers on its own after raking out mounds and ridges. If you feel that moles are not good for your yard and want to address the problem, consider using traps as it is the most dependable method. Observe their behaviors and position the traps in straight runs.