3 Ways to Melt Snow & Ice on Walkway Without Using Salt

Snow Yard

Salt is a popular choice for people how want to melt snow and ice on the walkway. Unfortunately, it can also be detrimental to the surrounding environment. Here are three alternative methods you can use to quickly remove the snow and ice.

Snow & Ice Melting Methods

1. Install a Snow Melting Mat
Place a Summerstep Snow Melting Mat on your driveway or walkway to melt all your winter safety concerns away. These mats will melt up to 2 inches of snow per hour and add additional traction via the anti-slip rubber treads.

Snow Melting Mats

Snow melting mats are a bit of an investment but extremely worthwhile when you consider the convenience factor (you no longer have to break your back shoveling snow) and the long-term savings (e.g. cost of de-icing salts).

2. Use a Snow Blower
An electric snow blower, such as the Snow Joe Snow Thrower, is another worthy investment for people who live in places that get regular snow.

Snow blowers can scrape the snow from the walkway or driveway then throw it to the side. Electric snow blowers are less powerful than their gas counterpart but they are easier to maintain and less noisy. You don’t need a gas snow blower unless you are dealing with huge mounds of snow.

3. Use a Kid/Pet-Safe De-icer
If you insist on using salt to melt the snow on the driveway then use salt that’s child and pet-safe, such as the REDMOND Ice Slicer.

The REDMOND Ice Slicer is more potent than regular salt because it’s more concentrated. Don’t get freaked out by the red residue it leaves behind. The residue is there to maximize the de-icing effect. It won’t stain your walkway or driveway.