Best Vegetables to Grow for All Skill Levels

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to harvest fresh vegetables from your very own garden. Here is a list of vegetables you could consider growing at home or in the backyard. Narrow down your shortlist based on important factors such as the plant’s sunlight and watering requirement.

Selecting a Vegetable for Your Garden

Here are a couple of important points you may want to consider as you are narrowing down the list of vegetables you want to grow in your garden.

Seasonal vs. All-Round Produce

Certain varieties of vegetables can grow all year round while others tend to only grow in certain seasons. Tomatoes and peppers, for example, are both perennials and could be grown all year round as long as the optimal growing conditions are maintained. Vegetables like carrots and broccoli, on the other hand, tend to be more seasonal. Unless you live in a place with good weather all year round, seasonality is something you may need to consider when selecting a vegetable to grow.

Vegetable Sow-to-Harvest Time Period

How quickly a vegetable is able to produce is another factor worth considering, especially if you missed the optimal time period for sowing the vegetable seeds. Looking for vegetables that produce quickly? In such cases, you may want to consider vegetables like radish, spinach, and salad leaves. These vegetables have a sow-to-harvest period of about 30 days.

Sunlight and Watering

Unlike regular houseplants, you don’t have much flexibility with vegetables when it comes to watering and sunlight requirements. Most if not all vegetables require at least six to eight hours of natural sunlight in order to be able to produce the goods. The occasional deep watering is also required so that the plant is able to photosynthesize efficiently. Don’t get much sunlight at home? You might be able to get around this by setting up a grow light.