Best Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreaders for Fertilizer & Seeds

Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Those who need to maintain large lawns and backyards will need every help that they can get in order to keep the grass and plants in a healthy condition. One important add-on that serves an immense purpose in the soil fertilizing process is the two-behind broadcast spreader.

Top Broadcast Spreader Recommendations

Here is a list of two-behind broadcast spreaders we would recommend for medium to large-sized lawns. Please keep in mind that your needs may differ depending on the lawn condition, such as the number of obstacles (e.g. trees and bushes) it may have in or around the space.

Brinly BS36BH Broadcast Spreader

This broadcast spreader offers two capacities: one can support up to 125 lbs while the larger-sized spreader can support up to 175 lbs of seed, fertilizer, and other lawn-specific materials. We like that this is decently built with wheels that roll well over most types of terrains. The functionality and control are also pretty straightforward as it comes with an on/off control handle.

One flaw of this tow-behind broadcast spreader is the lever, which some people found to be a bit unstable, especially when the hopper is close to full capacity. Another downside is that it can be a bit top-heavy. You will need to adjust the hopper capacity to correct this issue.

Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow-Behind Spreader

This large-scale fertilizer spreader by Agri-Fab has a hopper capacity of up to 130 lbs. This means you will save plenty of time that might have been needed for refilling the hopper for covering larger-sized lawns. The well-constructed rod that links the broadcast spreader to the vehicle will offer a lot of flexibility and maneuverability. The wheels are also well-built and should be able to handle rougher terrains.

One flaw of this lawn fertilizer spreader is the height of the hitch. The height of the tow bar needs to be about 14.5 inches above the ground. This can result in some issues such as the hopper not using up all the fertilizer or seeding materials that have been placed inside.

Chapin International Broadcast Spreader

This tow-behind broadcast spreader supports the largest capacity of the devices we recommended so far with a hopper capacity of up to 150 pounds. This is even suitable for professional use. The 14″ pneumatic tires should be able to easily handle both even and uneven terrains.

One additional feature that many people glowed about is the auto-stop dual impeller. This feature will prevent the device from spreading the fertilizer or seeds when it isn’t in motion. This is very practical and useful as it prevents wastage.

Earthway 2050TP Broadcast Tow Spreader

This spreader is appropriate for homeowners with small to medium-sized lawns with a hopper capacity of up to 80 pounds. One aspect you will like is that it is fairly easy to assemble and will link well to most types of lawn tractors.

The one flaw is that it doesn’t handle uneven terrain as well compared to the other spreaders we have recommended. You might find that this one will tip over when used in hilly conditions.

Top Qualities of a Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

These devices are an investment so you want to make sure you get the right broadcast spreader for the lawn. The most important qualities to consider include the durability of the tires, the hopper capacity, and the fertilizer coverage.

Common Questions About Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreaders

Here are some common questions people have about lawn fertilizer spreaders.

How is Fertilizer Spread through a Broadcast Spreader?

There are two types of lawn fertilizer spreaders. One is the broadcast spreader while the other is the drop spreader. The main difference between the two is the precision of the spreading application. Broadcast spreaders are less precise due to the nature of how they spread the fertilizer. They are designed to “broadcast” in an arc from both the front and sides (allowing a large space to be covered in one go), while drop spreaders just drop the fertilizer between the spreader wheels.

Can You Spread Grass Seeds with a Fertilizer Spreader?

Yes, many fertilizer spreaders can also be used to spread grass seeds. Keep in mind, however, that an evenly-distributed application isn’t always guaranteed with a broadcast spreader so you will need to pay close attention to how the grass seeds are being broadcasted by the device.

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