Will Wasps Go Away if You Knock Down their Nests


Knocking down a wasp nest won’t get rid of them by itself, but it’s part of the process. Simply knocking it down will anger the wasps and provoke an attack on whoever is nearby, humans and pets alike, so be careful when attempting such a thing.

When dealing with a wasp problem, tackling the nest at night is the best option, as most workers will be inside the nest resting and inactive, allowing a safer approach and broader disposal.

The first step in dealing with a wasp nest is preparation, as it has to be a quick process. Gearing up with protective clothing, clearing the area of people and pets, and having an escape plan in case things go wrong is essential.

After you’re all set, keeping in mind complete disposal of the nest is necessary, as killing the queen inside the nest is necessary. If the queen is left alive, she’ll move to a nearby spot and rebuild the nest, making all the effort to remove it in vain. Smoking, burning, or drowning the nest are the best options to do so.