How to Kill Weed Found in St. Augustine Grass

Weed Grass

Dealing with weebs on St Augustine grass can be pretty difficult. There are no proven ways to treat it naturally, and using herbicides during the first year of the grass can kill it completely. And even then, no herbicide for weed is safe for pets or children, so it’s advisable to avoid this type of grass if you have them. But if you decide to buy it or inherit an area with them, the best bet is to avoid them through prevention.

To properly care for your St Augustine grass, do some regular weed maintenance to your lawn. Check the type of St Augustine grass you have for proper height management when mowing it to prevent unnecessary work and wait time to regrow.

Pay attention to the grass needs throughout the year, as different seasons require different irritation levels, as overwatering can cause several problems other than weeds, and not watering it enough will simply kill it. Keeping the soil fertilized is also a great way to keep your grass fresh and well-fed by providing all the nutrients they need to thrive.