How to Quickly Kill Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water


Standing water is one of the most common places that you will find mosquito larvae hiding since water is where the female mosquitoes lay eggs. Each female mosquito has the potential to lay eggs that could potentially turn into over 1,000 mosquitoes.

That is why it’s so important to kill mosquito larvae as soon as you notice it because it can quickly create hundreds of baby mosquitoes. There are several methods and products out there that can kill mosquito larvae, but we wanted to focus on a couple of the best products and home remedies.

1. Use BTi Products

As mentioned before, products that contain Bti are great at eliminating the mosquito larvae quickly and effectively. This is a bacteria that naturally occurs within soil and is non-toxic to humans. The spores in BTi produce the toxins that target the mosquito larvae and five strains of BTi are found to be effective at eradicating mosquito larvae. The different BTi products have been approved for agricultural use, commercial use, and residential use.

2. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to the Standing Water

It’s really simple to kill mosquito larvae with soap because only one milliliter of soap is needed for each gallon of water. Add the milliliter of soap and the mosquito larvae can be killed off in as little as one day.

3. Add a Drop of Oil or Dish Soap

You can add a drop of dish soap or oil to the water if you are looking for a quick way to kill off all mosquito larvae. One drop of dish soap or oil in a large bowl of water will kill the mosquitoes within hours. This is because the mosquitoes will drown in the water with the addition of the soap or oil instead of being able to float on the water.

4. Consider Keeping Fish for Permanent Water Fixtures

A variety of different fish will actually eat the mosquito larvae so keeping fish around is essential to keep the larvae from infesting your water. Koi, goldfish, and guppies are just some of the fish that you can use to eliminate the larvae and prevent a mosquito infestation.


  • Charlotte:

    thanks for the tips, im beside myself at night stepping out and i return itching my ankles and what not. I will be putting out a bowl of water with that detergent asap.

  • Becky:

    Our pool pump quit tad poles are all over and mosquitos. How do I kill the bugs without harming the tadpoles

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