Home Remedies that can Kill Fleas on Contact on Dogs

Flea and Tick

Dog fleas make your pet uneasy and sickly. Fleas can spread from one dog to another within a very short time. It is the kind of insect you want to eradicate from your pet’s skin as soon as you notice it.

In order to be able to handle a flea infestation, you need to understand the flea cycle. The adults and the eggs typically live on your dog. However, the eggs do not normally hatch on the pet. They wait until dogs shake them off into the yard, sofa, bed, and other soft surfaces. From there, the larvae grow into pupae and find a host in the nearest animal.

A lemon comp is a natural remedy for dog fleas. Ideally, it is just a regular pet comb dipped in lemon juice. Use a sponge or a cloth on dogs with short fur. It helps to sprinkle lemon spray all over the house because it kills all the eggs, larvae, and pupae around the house.

You can also make flea repellent powder from rosemary, fennel, wormwood, peppermint, and rue. Spread the powder on all surfaces you suspect of flea activity. You can vacuum later and reapply the powder consistently until there is a noticeable dip in flea and flea larvae volumes around the house.

Always take safety precautions when you use home remedies, such as the methods stated above, on your dogs. Some dogs, for example, may have an allergic reaction to essential oils so you may want to either get the advice from a vet or only apply a very small amount to ensure it doesn’t cause any bad reactions on your dog’s coat.