How to Kill Dallisgrass in a Bermuda Lawn


Dallisgrass is a perennial grass that makes your Bermuda lawn look untidy, so you need to control or kill it. There are a few cultural practices you can persist with that will eventually kill this grass.

Dallisgrass grows in smooth, circular clumps. It also grows tall and full, especially when you feed it with nitrogen fertilizer. The core of Dallisgrass dies and leaves the younger outer grass to thrive. You can, however, neutralize this persistent grass;

1. Mowing turfgrass prevents Dallisgrass from spreading. It offers a temporary solution since Dallisgrass grows rapidly so you’ll need to mow at least twice a week.

2. Digging the grass out offers a permanent solution. Ensure you eliminate the taproot, which extends to 3 feet below the ground. Reseed your yard after that.

3. Water and apply fertilizers to your yard regularly. Fill in the bare spots with the right kind of grass. While at it, check out for Dallisgrass, and uproot it.

4. Boil and apply vinegar on Dallisgrass leaves.

5. You can use boiled water at the base of Dallisgrass if vinegar is not available. Repeat the process at least thrice a day.

6. Table salt placed at the base of Dallisgrass works too but be careful as it may kill the surrounding grass.