3 Interesting Ways to Kill a Bug at Home Without Touching It


For some, there’s nothing more terrifying than trying to kill a bug with your hands or feet. Here are three methods you can use to get rid of the insects if there’s no one else at home to help you.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in House

1. Shoot it with a Salt Gun
The Bug-A-Salt gun is an innovative pest control solution that allows you to have a bit of fun while eradicating the terrifying household bugs. No batteries required. Load up the gun with some table salt then take aim (from up to three feet). The salt gun is a great way to deal with flying insects like horse flies and moths.

From reading the customer reviews, the salt gun is most commonly used to get rid of house flies and roaches. It will take some target practice but this could be one way of dealing with pests without having to touch them.

2. Grab the Insects with a Critter Catcher
The Critter Catcher is a simple device that will allow you to catch the insects from a safe distance. It is ideal for people who are simply looking to relocate the insects outside. Use the critter catcher to remove household insects like spiders, crickets, and centipedes. You won’t have to deal with any bug mess either.

3. Place a Bug Zapper in Your Room
Most insects, such as moths and flies, are attracted to light. Use that to your advantage and lead the household bugs to their doom by placing an indoor bug zapper in your room. Make sure all other light sources in the room are turned off in order to maximize the efficiency of the indoor bug zapper.

None of the above methods require the use of harmful chemicals to get rid of the household insects. Make your home a less scary place by using these methods to get rid of the bugs.