Tips on Keeping Spiders + Cobwebs Out of the Garage


Spiders are arachnids who love living in dark, quiet, damp places, and garages usually fit that description perfectly. They also prefer spots that can shelter them from things like rain, as it can be hard to build their webs under rainy weather.

But spiders won’t live off of the darkness and stillness alone, as they need to feed to survive. So even if they get inside your garage, chances are they won’t stay long unless there’s a food source for them.

The best way to get rid of them and keep them away is to keep the environment thoroughly cleaned and organized and cut off their food sources. They dislike being totally exposed and prefer living hidden in spaces like cracks, so sealing away entrances to the garage like windows and door gaps is very effective, as it can cut off their food supply as well as the entry of new spiders.

Just be careful when dealing with any spiders inside any room of your house, as some can be quite dangerous. Don’t recklessly approach it. Try to identify it from a distance first and check if any protective measures are required. Certain spiders, like brown recluse spiders, can be dangerous so they must be handled with absolute care and precaution.