How to Repel and Deter Deer Fast Using Home Remedies

Is there a herd of deer roaming your neighborhood? Try these four natural remedies to keep them out of your garden without resorting to harmful chemicals.

1. Install a Motion-Activate Water Sprinkler

Install an Orbit Yard Enforcer in your yard to scare away deer, cats, raccoons, and other pest animals. The infrared sensor will help detect deer from up to 40 feet away.

Once a deer is detected, the water sprinkler will shoot out a stream of water to deter the deer from using your garden as their personal buffet.

2. Set up an Invisible Deer Fence

You will need some wooden stakes and clear monofilament fishing lines. Place the wooden stakes at 15-feet intervals along the perimeter of the garden. Next, tie the fishing lines around each wooden stake 12 to 18 inches above ground.

Once you have gone around the whole perimeter, add another layer of fishing line 12 to 18 inches above the previous layer. The deer won’t be able to see the fishing line. It will brush up against it and freak out not knowing what it just came in contact with.

3. Apply Deer Repellent Solution

Deer repellent solutions, such as Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent, can keep deer out of your garden via their minty scent. Spray the solution around your backyard once every few weeks to keep the deer at bay.

4. Make Your Own Egg Yolk Spray

Mix together one egg yolk, one liter of water, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Pour the solution into a sprayer then apply it on the plants once every two or three weeks.

The smell and taste of the egg yolk solution will eventually cause the deer to look elsewhere for food. You may still get the odd bite here and there.

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