Quick Tips on Keeping Gnats Away From Dogs


Gnats are pests that will hang around both humans and pets, but while they’re mostly just a nuisance to us, they can be a health hazard to dogs. These little bugs will fly around them and bite at their ears, making way for dangerous infections and other problems.

The best way to get rid of gnats is by tackling them directly at their source and making it near impossible for them to feed or reproduce. If successful, this will significantly reduce their population, allowing an easier time dealing with the dogs.

To get rid of gnats:

Clean up the dogs’ living area – Don’t leave trash hanging around and store food. Change the dogs’ water every day and get rid of any still water around the area. Cleaning up their poop is also important as it’s a food source for gnats too.

Protect your dog – Using pesticides and insecticides can be dangerous to them, so avoid heavy chemicals and try a natural approach. Apply natural repellents for gnats around the area, such as sprays based on oil of lemon eucalyptus. This will make any remaining gnats stay away from your dog.