Why Your Japanese Maple Tree is Losing Leaves in the Summer

The Japanese maple is a lovely tree. However, it needs tender care through different seasons. Without proper care, the tree will lose its showy leaves during hot or cold reasons. It thrives under tall trees that shield it from direct sunlight. These conditions protect the maple’s thin leaves from losing all their water and eventually dying.

There are several reasons why the Japanese maple loses leaves during summer. Water evaporates quickly during the warm months, so the tree does not have enough to take up from the ground. Japanese maple leaves are thin, and this denies them the chance to store enough water for their survival. Additionally, they do not get replenishment from the roots, so they lose all their water and eventually dry out.

A healthy tree will have the largest and thickest leaves that the variety can have. When you deny your tree nutrients, it will develop thin leaves, and this makes summer survival very difficult. Feed your maples frequently and be sure to throw in some mulch over the fall months.