Insects that Look Very Similar to Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are identifiable by their gray and brown coloring, along with their shield-shaped body, and alternating black and yellow coloring on their legs, antennae, and on the side of their body. They measure about 3/4 of an inch, have six legs and wings that fold on top of their backs that they can use to fly when fully grown.

Sometimes, other insects are mistaken for stink bugs, as they look similar or even because they sometimes leave an unpleasant scent after they get squished.

The Boxelder Bug shares a similar alternating coloring pattern and body shape. They are bigger and thinner, have a distinct cone-shaped head, and often are a deep black color mixed with red, yellow, or orange colors on their sides.

Conifer Seed Bugs also share a similar coloring pattern on their sides, but they have a distinct brown coloring. Their legs are much wider, and they have a longer body.

Squash Bugs are longer and bigger. They also have darker black or brown coloring.

The Western Pine Seed Bugs are long, with antennae just as long as them. They also have a zig-zag pattern on their back.