Indoor Plants that Are Safe for Cats to Chew & Eat


Whether it’s due to curiosity or boredom, it’s a common habit for cats to chew on household plants. Here are six plants you can grow at home that won’t make your cat sick.

Spider Plant
Also known for their air-purifying properties, spider plants make great houseplants because of their ease of maintenance. They can tolerate indirect light conditions.

Bamboo thrives as an outdoor plant but can also be grown indoors under the right conditions. They should be placed next to windows that receive plenty of direct sunlight. Please note that Dracaena (also known as “lucky bamboo”) is toxic to cats.

Sweet Basil
This culinary herb should be grown in an area of the home that receives plenty of sunlight. They are great to have among cats as their leaves grow back very quickly.

Dill is another culinary herb that’s great to have in cat households. They thrive in full sun and well-drained soil conditions.

African Violet
Felines may enjoy chewing on the leaves and stems of the African Violet. This beautiful flowering plant grows best in well-drained soil with high organic matter content.

If you would like to discourage your feline companions from chewing on your precious houseplants then consider offering them an alternative. A great alternative is to grow cat grass at home. Cat grass offers plenty of fiber and nutrients to your cat’s diet and they grow very quickly.

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