Best Indoor Grow Lights for Vegetable Gardening

Want to grow some vegetables indoors but having issues with getting enough natural sunlight? Those issues can be solved by getting one of these indoor grow lights.

Best Indoor Grow Lights

Roleadro Grow Light
This indoor grow light emits the most useful waves in the light spectrum including 430nm and 740 nm. Compared to other grow lights, it’s also good at conserving energy.

Roleadro Grow Light

The Positives
Light is bright and doesn’t get too hot. Great for people who are growing vegetables indoors.
The Negatives
Cable might an awkward length for some indoor gardening setups.

iPower Stand Rack Grow Light
This indoor grow light system is great for gardeners who are starting seeds or growing small indoor plants. It features two T5 bulbs.

iPower Grow Light

The Positives
Good quality for the price. Temperature fluctuates very little.
The Negatives
Initial setup could be a bit confusing due to the lack of visual directions. Some people had minor trouble setting on and off times.

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