Easy Seed Germination Kit for Growing Healthy Indoor Plants

One of the easiest ways to start a garden is to germinate the seeds in an indoor grow kit. These seed germination kits will help you grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Best Seed Germination Kits

Hydrofarm Germination Station
This indoor grow kit comes with a waterproof heat mat and a 72 cell insert.

Hydrofarm Germination Kit

The Positives
Dome and heating mat provides ideal conditions for seeds to germinate and grow.
The Negatives
Need to set up a separate indoor grow light. Dome might be too low for certain plants.

Super Sprouter Propagation kit
This seed germination kit comes with a 7″ vented dome that has a built-in grow light. Ideal for growing seeds and new plant cuttings.

Super Sprouter

The Positives
Grow light provides plenty of warmth within the dome.
The Negatives
May not be suitable for plants that grow tall quickly due to the height of the dome.

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