Can an Indoor Cat Get Fleas?


Yes, indoor cats can get fleas. Obviously, they are less likely to get fleas than their outdoor counterparts but there are ways for the fleas to reach their indoor flea targets. Here are a few possible ways.

Trip to the Vet

The only time your indoor cat goes outdoor is probably when the cat needs to be taken to the vet for a routine checkup. This might sound ironic but it’s possible that the fleas latched onto your cat during the journey to the vet hospital.

Fleas Passed on from Humans

There’s also a possibility where fleas can be passed on to indoor cats from their humans. The fleas will be just as happy to jump onto pieces of your clothes, including shoes, socks, and pants. As an indoor cat owner, it’s important to avoid long grassy areas (or any outdoor areas where fleas are likely to lurk) during the peak flea season.

Visit from the Rodents

Have you been having rodent problems lately? Fleas might also reach your indoor cat after latching onto wild rodents like mice and rats.

If this is the first time your indoor cat is affected by fleas then it is strongly recommend that you contact the vet for advice. There are several ways to get rid of fleas but it is best to get professional advice in the interest of your cat’s health.