How to Identify Mouse Nests in the House

Mice Control

Mouse nests have a dome shape, with one exit, often made of grass, paper, hay, vegetation, or any material that will provide warmth and comfort. They generally live in tall grass, underbrushes, or areas with dense foliage.

As for mice inside the house, dark and unused drawers with papers or clothes easily shredded are prime spots for them to live. Mice can also easily chew through drywall to make a dark and quiet place for a nest.

Mice are not clean animals, and they also don’t stray very far from their nests. One telling sign of mice is crumbs of food, vegetable, or shredded material somewhere in the house. Once found, you can limit your search to about 10ft to 25ft area to find the nest. Look for dark, quiet places that may have the required materials to make nests.

If you suspect dead mice inside your drywall, do not leave the body alone. Try and find it, as the body can attract several nasty pests and produce a terrible odor while decomposing. Use an electronic borescope to find the corpse, drill a coin-sized hole in the wall you suspect the body is and repeat until you find the mice.