How to Get Rid of Grass Fast Using Home Remedies

These five remedies could help you eradicate unwanted grass and weed in the garden.

1. Apply Organic Weed Killer

Apply an organic herbicide, such as the Avenger weed Killer, to the target area. The Avenger weed killer concentrate is made of natural material, such as oranges and lemons.

Past customers have mentioned that a 3:1 dilution of the organic weed killer concentrate works well for eradicating established grass and weeds. It will help to get a proper weed sprayer to apply the solution efficiently.

2. Saturate Grassy Area with Vinegar

Diluted Vinegar can be used, instead of harmful chemicals, to kill grass. Vinegar, however, can kill other plants so do not spray it near any plants you want to keep.

3. Conduct Soil Solarization

Solarization is the process of using the sun to kill unwanted grass and weed. The best time of year to try this is during the summer. You will need to cut the grass to a very short height then cover the grassy area with clear plastic. There are also weed control fabrics you can use as an alternative. After two or three months, the grass will eventually die due to the increase in soil temperature.

4. Add a Thick Layer of Mulch

Adding mulch is a great way to turn an area into a fertile, nutrient-rich area. Adding mulch can also eradicate grass and weed by restricting access to sunlight and air.

5. Pour Boiling Water

Boiling water is a temporary solution to killing grass and weed. You may need to pour hot water multiple times before the grass dies out.