How to Safely Get Rid of Backyard Rats


Backyard rats are dirty creatures unwanted in any urban area or inside homes, as they can carry several diseases and spread things like fleas to our pets. For this reason, and many others, it’s advisable to prevent rats from moving in at all costs.

To prevent a backyard rat problem:

1. Seal any entrances and gaps that lead to the inside of your house.

2. Dispose of any food sources that might attract rats.

3. Clean up crumbs and food scraps from inside the house and the backyard.

But if you already have rats inside your house or yard, there are humane ways to dispose of them:

Traps are among the best and most humane ways to get rid of rats. Some shock traps and snap traps will instantly kill them, but placement is critical to avoid children or pets getting into contact with them. Check and clean these regularly. Unlike rat poison, traps also reduce the likelihood of dead rat smell spreading around the house.

Baits are effective but may be undesirable, as poison can have a delayed effect. Rats can die anywhere after being poisoned, including hard-to-reach places like inside walls. This can also attract other animals to eat it and harm them instead, making this method better when paired with trap boxes specific for rats.