How to Keep Stray Cats Away from the Garden & Flower Bed


Stray cats can be a huge nuisance for gardeners, especially if they step on flowers and plants. Here are six tricks you can use to keep the stray cats away from the garden bed.

1. Install Motion-detecting Sprinklers

Cats generally don’t like water. You can purchase motion-detecting sprinklers online that’ll spray water on unwanted intruders. You may need to test out different locations of the backyard to determine the most effective spot for deterring stray cats.

2. Use Ultrasonic Repellent Devices

The ultrasonic repeller is another device that can keep cats out of the garden. The device will emit an ultrasonic noise that can be heard by cats but not by us. This noise will scare the stray cats away. You may need multiple devices if you have a large garden.

3. Set up an Unwelcoming Surface

Cats like to step on soft ground surface. You could try to deter cats from entering the garden or flower bed by placing pointy objects along the perimeter of the gardening space. This could include objects like pine cones, plant stakes, and tooth picks.

4. Spray Non-toxic Scents

Cats are sensitive to smell. Create your own cayenne pepper spray and apply it along the perimeter of the garden. The cats will think twice before they visit again.

5. Set up Physical Wall Barriers

If your garden is surrounded by a wall or fence then consider implementing spikes on top of the barrier. Plenty of wall spikes can be found online. They are sharp but not to the point of injuring the feline creatures.

6. Create a Diversion

If the stray cats are here to stay then set up a diversion to keep them away from the garden bed. For example, you could build an outdoor litter box in an isolated corner of the backyard. You could also try applying some catnip on areas where it is fine for the stray cats to roam.