How to Grow Big Tomatoes that Taste Amazing

Anyone can grow tomatoes in their gardens but it’s not easy to grow ones that are big and juicy. In this article, we look at several methods you can use to grow big tomatoes. Before you go ahead, make sure you get the right kind of tomato seeds. Obviously, certain types of tomatoes are going to grow bigger than others. The beefsteak is probably the most common type of large tomatoes. Do you research and find the type that suits your gardening needs.

Grow Juicy Tomatoes

Exposure to sunlight
Make sure you grow your tomatoes in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. The standard recommendation is for tomatoes to receive at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight. If the tomatoes don’t receive enough sunlight then they can become leggy.

If you have the space then you may want to experiment with different areas. For example, some gardeners say that it is better for tomatoes to receive sunlight in the morning, than in the afternoon. You may want to test this theory out and see what works better in your situation.

Prune non-fruiting branches
Cut out any branches that aren’t going to bear any fruits. You want all the nutrition and water to go towards the actual tomato.

Natural Pest Control
Keep common tomato pests away by using natural repellents. Consider introducing beneficial insects or companion plants for a more sustainable form of natural pest control. Beneficial insects are natural predators of common garden pests. They eat the pests but leave the tomato plants alone. Companion plants are those that can help repel garden pests.

Common garden pests include flies, slugs, and ants. You may also need to consider rodents that could destabilize the structure of the ground soil. Common rodents include moles and groundhogs.

Bury the stem
Make sure you bury the part of the stem located below the first few leaves. You want to encourage root growth as much as possible. The more extensive the rooting system, the more nutrient and water the plant is likely to receive. If you look closely, you’ll notice small bumps along the lower half of the stem. These bumps will eventually turn into¬†adventitious roots.

These three tips will make a difference to helping you grow big tomatoes. When exactly is the best time to grow big tomatoes? This really depends on where you are situated but for most gardeners, late spring tends to be a good time to start growing tomatoes in your gardens.

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