How to Get Rid of Pocket Gophers

Pocket Gophers

These rodents are incredibly difficult to deal with due to the deep tunnel network they will build under your yard. You may try your luck with live traps to individually catch gophers and dispose of or relocate them.

They breed reasonably slowly, and you won’t see more than three to five new ones per year, meaning you will have time to deal with them using traps. You may try to trap the many holes in your yard, but if you want to try a more cost-efficient option, try finding a hole that only leads to two paths. Poke the ground with a large screwdriver to help you localize the tunnel pathing, and once you find the one you want to trap, place a trap turned to each side of the tunnel.

Pocket Gophers love alfalfa, making it a great bait choice to put inside your traps. After placing the traps:

1. Check on them at least once a day for a possible catch.

2. Once you catch a gopher, remember to handle these rodents with care to avoid any injury yourself.

If the Gophers in your lawn prove incredibly challenging to deal with, do not hesitate to call a professional.