Quick & Easy Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Overnight

Getting Rid of Roaches

Struggling with a major roach problem at home? Roaches are probably the last pest that people would want to see in their own homes. Fortunately, cockroach infestations can be dealt with swiftly using various home remedies. The sooner you do it, the better.

Where is the Roach Infestation?

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Roach Killer Bait

Use the Roach Killer Powder

We suggest going the non-pesticide route by using this very effective roach bait killer by Harris. It makes use of boric acid as an active ingredient to eliminate cockroaches, especially in places that are hard to reach. You just need to shake the bottle well then apply the powder on areas where the roaches must crawl over. The good thing is that the effects of this roach bait isn't immediate so some of the boric acid will cling on to the roach's body and get ingested by other roaches in the colony.

Diatomaceous Earth

Apply Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

An alternative to boric acid is food-grade diatomaceous earth. This might be the safer option of the two if you have pets at home. This natural white powder scratches against the roach's body, which causes them to lose their body fluid. The roaches will eventually die from dehydration or from other problems in their body. Take note that you only need to apply a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. Also, it should only be used in dry areas. It no longer works when the powder becomes wet.

Food Leftovers

Clear Away Food Leftovers and Debris

Your home, garage, or car becomes an open target for roaches if you have food lying around in the open. Make sure you clear away food leftovers, discard trash bags regularly, and seal any food you want to retain in tightly-sealed containers. The roaches will wander off elsewhere if there’s no longer any food for them to feed on.

Declutter Your Space

Declutter Your Home or Garage Space

Cockroaches might actually be one of the most versatile creatures to live on earth. They don't just feed on food. They may also feed on other items like paper, glue, and dirt. There's no better time than now to sweep through your home and discard the items that aren't needed. Throw away the pile of magazines or old newspaper you have lying around. Discard or donate household items that will continue to just collect dust over time.

Eliminate Moisture

Eliminate the Moisture

This generally applies to homeowners who live in areas with a dry climate. Cockroaches will make their way into homes if they sense a plentiful supply of water or moisture. Do a careful examination of your home and fix all leaking pipes, and eliminate any standing water that may have accumulated both inside and outside the property.

Create Boric Acid Bait

Create Your Own Boric Acid Bait

Create an inexpensive but deadly bait that the roaches won’t be able to resist by mixing three tablespoons of boric acid with three tablespoons of flour and a tablespoon of olve oil. Mix it together in a plastic cup until it becomes a dough-like mixture. Shape the dough into nickel-sized balls and place them around the house. Repeat the process every week until the roaches are no longer in sight. We don't recommend using this if you have pets at home.

Roach Control FAQ

Here are some common questions that people have about getting rid of roaches in the house.

Where do Cockroaches Nest in Your House?

There are certain clues that may help you isolate the area of the house where the cockroaches are nesting. You will want to look for visual clues such as roach droppings and shedded skins. Start your search by examining your kitchen and bathroom. As we mentioned earlier, it’s more than likely for roaches to make an appearance in your house due to the presence of water and food. If you don’t find anything then the next step is to check all the dark, tight spaces in your home.

This includes the basement and attic, the space underneath large electric appliances, the wall cavities, and the inner storage spaces of closets and cabinets. You can start to apply the above remedies once you have identified the cockroach hot spots.

Can Vinegar Kill Cockroaches?

Vinegar, specifically white vinegar, is another common household ingredient that is touted as an effective cockroach killer/repellent. Well, here’s the deal. Vinegar isn’t used for the purpose of killing the roaches. It’s used to for cleaning, which encourages roaches to seek shelter elsewhere.

There’s no particular reason for cockroaches to seek shelter in a well-sanitized area that doesn’t offer a plentiful supply of food and water. Cleaning alone will help eradicate a large portion of the cockroach infestation.

Do Cockroaches Die When You Flush Them in the Toilet?

One common way people deal with live cockroaches is to flush them down the toilet. You might think you have sent them to their watery grave but that isn’t necessarily the case. For starters, the toilet piping isn’t fully filled with water. The roaches won’t drown if they can get a foothold of the dry area of the pipes.

According to a cockroach fact sheet from the Colorado Pest Press, roaches can also hold their breath underwater for up to 40 minutes. As terrifying as it may be for some people, flushing isn’t necessarily the best option to dispose of cockroaches.

Why Do Cockroaches Come Out to Die?

There’s no clear reason for why many cockroaches expose themselves in the open as they die. One theory suggests this behavior has to do with body spasms. Cockroaches, specifically those exposed to pesticide, may topple over and die on their back as the chemical affect their nerve system and initiates muscle spasm. They can’t easily return to the upright position because their bodies are top-heavy.