How Many More Mice Do You Have if You See One Mouse?

Group of Mice

Mice are highly social animals so if you spot one scampering your house then it’s very likely that there are more mice hidden away in areas of the house you cannot see. Mice also breed fast. According to Preventive Pest Control, a female mouse can get pregnant about five to ten times per year, meaning it’s possible for one mouse to have over fifty pups per year!

This is why it’s very important to establish mice control methods with the thought that there are many mice in the house. For example, instead of one trap, you should be setting several mice traps around the house, even if you have only spotted one mouse so far.

The best method, however, to getting rid of a group or family of mice is by preventing them from coming in the first place. Keep your house spotlessly clean and make it as difficult as possible for the mice to enter your home. If there’s no food or shelter then the mice will move on to their next target.