How Many Legs Do Ticks Have?


Ticks are a species of arachnids, so they have eight legs total, four on each side. It’s hard to catch the number of legs at a glance, as they are as tiny and usually hide from us unless they are feeding. Upon closer inspection, it’s easy to distinguish them from other insects because they typically have only six legs, don’t have any antennae, and no wings or wing pads. They can be relatively quick and hard to catch due to their size, but they get very plump and very slow after they feed.

Looking out for ticks is extremely important, as they carry dangerous diseases for humans and pets alike. They are also unpleasant to have around regardless of diseases, as they bite and leave marks all over the skin. Ticks can reproduce exceptionally quickly, making the situation go out of control and turning into an infestation, where they’ll populate every nook and cranny inside the house.

If you ever encounter them feeding on yourself or your pets, remove the ticks using gloves and tweezers by pulling them straight up, being careful not to puncture or squish them while doing so. Then quickly disinfect the affected area and wash your hands.