How Long Do House Spiders Live?


House spider is not a scientific term but just a general one that refers to the most common spider species found inside houses worldwide, and they usually live between one to two years.

There are over 40,000 spider species across all continents, and each region varies wildly on the kind of spiders living there. So what some refer to as house spiders might not even exist as a species in other places, making it difficult to have a general discussion on the topic. Some spiders like building webs and wait for their prey to get stuck on them, while others cannot produce silk to make webs, so they have to go out and directly hunt their food. Though most common house spiders are web builders, they tend to be solo and patiently wait for food to come to them instead of moving around all rooms in a house.

Most house spiders are harmless to humans and will even benefit us by getting rid of other undesirable insects and pests, so don’t worry too much about them. Unless they are directly getting in your way, they will happily eat other insects that would otherwise bug you.