How Long Do House Mice Live?

Mice Control

House mice can live for about two to three years since they live in safe environments. However, the life span depends on several factors, such as predators, diseases, and mouse traps. The house mouse lives longer than its wild counterparts. This is because they are safe from several predators, harsh environments, and diseases. The common diseases that kill mice are cancer, kidney failure, and heatstroke. Their common predators include cats, snakes, owls, and other mouse hunters.

In recent years, people have adopted house mice as pets. The one snag is that these little rodents will live with you for about two years. If you have children (who almost always get attached to house pets), you should choose an animal that can live longer.

The life cycle of mice is relatively short, which allows their population to grow even amid predators and diseases. A mouse will need two months from birth to the mating age. It will be on heat for about 4-5 days. Once pregnant, it needs three weeks to deliver.

For each pregnancy, a mouse will give birth to 5-8 pups. Also, an adult female mouse can get pregnant ten times a year. Mice separated from their opposite sex will not get to the heat stage.